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Introduces in the Benelux under the name Winnubst-Import the Farbel clock.

This clock is a perfect copy of the French classic bronze or gilded “pendule” timepieces and can be expanded with pendant chandeliers or vases. The collection embraces over 60 models in different designs, including:

  • French painted
  • Bronze plated
  • Silver plated
  • Antique Silver plated
  • Gold plated
  • Antique Gold plated
  • Antique Gold/Silver plated, or even
  • 24 carat Gold
Farbel klok

A marble socle can be delivered with the clock in different types and colors. This enables you to order your clock in accordance with your own personal preferences while maintaining the highest artistic standards. Just like the 17th and 18th century clocks were designed quite different from the later 19th century clocks, also nowadays technical evolution marches on but while maintaining the classic design. The gold/silver antique plating offers the timepiece a modern, contemporary and even rather stunning appearance.

The Farbel clock is built in Italy and runs with a German balance-type works, enabling it to function perfectly even when placed in a somewhat oblique position. If so desired the clock can be delivered with digital works.

Prices vary from € 800 until € 5000 (consumer-price). A miniature can already be obtained for approx. € 220.

All in all the Farbel clock can be considered as the timepiece fitting in both classic or modern interiors and will no doubt appeal to both young and old.

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